One of our areas is iOS, Android and Web application development, so far we produced a huge array of successful applications and games for personal computers, tablets and smartphones. From research and consulting to testing and product launch "IBNZ DEVELOPERS" can offer the experience you need, to make your idea come to life


With the growing interest in blockchain technology, we too invested our time and resources to explore this field. We got technical knowledge, experience and passion in the blockchain area. So far we have been involved in many projects including smart contract security, stability, testing and decentralised application building.

  • tokens
  • servers
  • blocks
  • configuration
  • market
  • code


We take pride in design strategy, application usability, attention to detail, feel and look. For any project our talented designer team can provide development of friendly "User Experience" or simply fresh new look for "User Interface"


With the growing number of applications being created, more and more product testers are needed. Our team is extremely careful and precise in every step of any project. We spend hours on application testing no matter if it is our own work or someone else


We’re always happy to help with your project. If you have an idea, want to have a discussion, or need help on application development, consider contacting us